Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dragon turtle

A dragon turtle is a legendary turtle with a dragonlike head. It combines two of the of Chinese mythology. It is promoted as a positive in Feng Shui. The dragon sits on top of large coins with a small turtle on its back representing fertility. It is believed that the dragon brings the occupants of a home wealth and security. The dragon is traditionally placed facing the window.

sometimes drew dragon turtles along with other fantastical creatures in unexplored areas - see here be dragons.

Dragon turtles in popular fiction

*, the arch-nemesis of Mario in the Super Mario Bros. video game franchise, is a well known dragon turtle.
*In the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game are gigantic sea creatures, feared by sailors for their ability to capsize the largest ships. They are massively armoured and breath a cloud of scalding steam.
*Dragon turtles are monsters in some DragonQuest/DragonWarrior games, often called Tortragon.
* The Lion Turtle from avatar the last airbender, is influenced by the dragon turtle. as lions and dragons have relation in chinese mythology- for wiki edit.

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