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Chronomancy is divination of the best time to do something, the determination of lucky and unlucky days, especially popular in ancient China.

The term "chronomancy", stemming from the Greek word ''chronos'' , and the word ''manteia'' is also used in fiction to refer to a school of involving supernatural manipulation of time.

Time manipulation

While modern portrayals of magical time manipulation are commonly based on quantum physics and certain scientific theories, there is no concrete evidence of the perfected use of time manipulation.

The best known historical figure that has been believed to possess the power of chronomancy is the Count of St Germain, the eighteenth century philosopher, , and spiritualist. He has been believed to transcend time by reincarnation and eternal youth.

Fiction and games

Chronomancers are offered as a character class available to players in some games such as ''Bard's Tale III'', and are s capable of manipulating time. Typical abilities they have available involve making themselves move faster, curing aging, and time travel.

"Time Mages" also appears as a character class in the ''Final Fantasy'' video game series.

In expansion pack, the , there is a character who is a student of chronomancy, and offers to turn the player into a self-display by freezing him in time.

In EverQuest 2, Enchanters who chose to use their achievement points to increase their casting times, Can earn the title "Chronomancer"

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